The thing that makes us world famous – Finland’s unique maternity package was modernized

Finland’s maternity package has gained lots of recognition all over the world. This year’s maternity package was released today and it offers new mothers a selection of new items.

Finland’s Social Insurance Institution Kela offers families a mother package for every baby. The unique 75-year-old tradition has been recognized in variety of other countries. The product selection of the latest version of the package is pretty much the same as in previous years, but there are some items that are new. The fabric colors and patterns have also been renewed.

All in all there are 54 items in the box every mum-to-be receives. According to Kela distribution of the new package will begin later this spring once existing stocks have run out.

One of the changes is the new look of the maternity box. The maternity box can also be used as a bed for the baby. The new design of the box (made by Reeta Ek, a student at Aalto University's School of Arts, Design and Architecture) features a duck family making its way through summer and winter landscapes.

The baby clothes selected for the maternity package come in shades of green and turquoise as well as in grey and white. The patterns are animal-themed.

According to Kela, it receives a lot of feedback on the maternity package. Based on the feedback, the package now includes a thermometer, nipple cream, a versatile drool bib, additional convenient wrap bodysuits, and a bigger mattress protector.

The maternity package has been offered to Finnish families for more than 75 years. At first, it was made available to indigent families only but soon became a gift of the government to all families.

Parents have the choice between the maternity package and a tax-free cash benefit of 140 euros. Kela tells, that nearly all first-time parents choose the maternity package.


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