A breakthrough of new genres

The millennium marked the emergence of two completely novel genres. One of the most notable foreign series of the early 21st century was the American blue comedy Sex and the City, which followed the lives of a group of four women and oozed delightfully straight-talking female energy on a scale never seen before. The series elevated the whole genre to huge popularity.

Another new genre that immediately claimed shot to a leading status at the beginning of the new millennium was reality TV. It opened new perspectives onto the vicissitudes of human nature through programmes such as Survivor and Amazing Race.

In addition to foreign reality TV shows, Finnish reality TV has also treated viewers to moments of suspense, joy and empathy. For example, the reality TV singing contest Idols has already given the Finnish music industry new talents such as Hanna Pakarinen, Antti Tuisku and Koop Arponen. One of the brightest stars of Finnish reality TV is Big Brother Suomi, which has been broadcast on Sub since 2005. A live pay-per-view 24/7 broadcast on MTV Katsomo has allowed viewers to follow the contestants in the BB house around the clock.

Several new highly-rated Finnish drama series also came onto the scene in the 2000s, including the acclaimed Helppo elämä, Rikospoliisi Maria Kallio and Sydänjää. A phenomenon that has united the entire nation is Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa, a Finnish version of the British television series Strictly Come Dancing, which was launched in 2006 and remains one of the most popular programmes broadcast on MTV3. Lifestyle programmes focusing on interior design, cooking, well-being or gardening also came to stay.

The 2000s saw Ile Jokinen cement his position as one of Finland’s best known radio personalities and political satirists. He has been with Radio Nova since the station’s conception, and many recognise him from Jokisen eväät, which has become the most popular radio show of all time. Pertti Salovaara also spent several years on Radio Nova, providing traffic information for Finnish road users in his show Salovaara liikenteessä.

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