MTV´s fall schedule is filled with domestic content

In April, MTV announced that it will seek new growth through Finnish entertainment and that it will double its budget for domestic content. The company is implementing this decision at record speed, and it will change the MTV3 programming as early as this autumn. The new strategy means that MTV3's prime time programming will gradually become entirely domestic content.
MTV Oy, the leading commercial television station in Finland, will develop new services while continuing to invest in conventional television. The domestic content will give the company a cutting edge.

"The revamp of our mindset and methods is underway. A television company must adapt to its viewers' requirements and create and maintain experiences and phenomena that people can share. As our viewers are in Finland, we want to offer them the best domestic content that appeals to the broadest number of viewers. By autumn, all prime time programs on MTV3 will be made in Finland," explains Jarkko Nordlund, MTV Oy's CEO since January.

The strong domestic content will also support the development of MTV's advertising sales and give its advertisers even more varied opportunities to reach their target audiences in a safe and reliable media environment. In addition to investing in Finnish programs, MTV is also implementing significant upgrades to its MTV Katsomo online service. After the revamp, viewers can enjoy all MTV content easily regardless of the device and platform they use.

"By increasing the number of Finnish programs, we promote high-quality domestic content. People spend more time watching television and videos, and it is MTV's job to be a trailblazer among the Finnish providers of fantastic audience experiences. This way we can ensure that the production of well-made Finnish programs continues, and these programs will be broadcast on the best channel to the widest audiences in Finland. The revamp is also beneficial for our advertisers, who can rest assured that their products and services are displayed in a great environment," Nordlund continues and points out that the viewer figures in May have been extremely good. So far this year, MTV has attracted more viewers than any other Finnish commercial channel. The Finnish team's matches at the ice hockey world championships have by far been the most watched TV programs this year.  

MTV3's new Finnish programs this autumn include Johanna Vuoksenmaa's drama series Ex-Onnelliset and the weekend entertainment show Take money and run as well as a number of lifestyle programs broadcast on weekdays. The familiar favorites, Posse and The Ultimate Entertainer will continue on the channel. Domestic content is also important for the Sub and AVA viewers, and both channels will feature more Finnish programs in their autumn scheduling. AVA will focus on high-quality lifestyle entertainment while Sub will continue to provide topics for conversation among the younger target groups with its new reality series.

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