Rib-tickling sketch comedy and public debate

When the sketch comedy talent show Putous first aired on MTV3 in the spring of 2010, it immediately became a hit among viewers of all ages. The programme has already immortalised characters such as Marja Tyrni and Munamies in the minds of Finnish audiences.

Salatut elämät has remained one of the most popular drama series of all time with almost one million viewers every weekday. An important milestone in the history of the series was reached in 2010, when MTV3 broadcast its 2,000th episode.

One example of Finnish TV personalities who have found international success are the Dudesons, who have exported Finnish mayhem to America and shown a softer side of themselves in Duudsonit tuli taloon. The show is about the Dudesons sharing in the joys and sorrows of everyday life in Finnish families.

A new chat show called Enbuske & Linnanahde Crew was launched to spark public debate on current affairs. The two hosts, Tuomas Enbuske and Aki Linnanahde, are known from morning shows on Radio Nova and not afraid to tackle any issue, whether on television or on radio.

MTV’s role in inspiring and maintaining public and political debate has grown once again since the turn of the decade. During the spring 2012 presidential election, MTV provided viewers with heated debates between the candidates and the tense election night broadcast Tulosilta, available on both MTV Katsomo and MTV3. The public debate forum SuomiAreena, which was held in the summer of 2013, broke the all-time attendance record with around 22,000 attendees. MTV was heavily involved in broadcasting the SuomiAreena event, and the debates were shown on both MTV3 and MTV Katsomo. Radio Nova also moved its morning broadcast team to Pori for the duration of the event.

MTV Sport continues to provide unforgettable sporting experiences in the 2010s through both pay TV and free content. The 2012 Ice Hockey World Championships achieved record ratings, with some of the action taking place in Helsinki. Ice hockey has remained popular among viewers since those home games, and the 2013 Ice Hockey World Championships had even higher ratings. MTV will continue to show ice hockey in the years to come, with media rights to the Ice Hockey World Championships secured until 2017.

Both world-class ice hockey and F1 are available on pay TV via MTV Katsomo. Thanks to MTV Katsomo’s Livecenter service, media users can choose, in the case of F1 for example, whether to watch the score sheets, the pit lane or race highlights.

The role of the MTV Katsomo online TV service has continued to grow in the past few years, and media users are more and more likely to also watch MTV’s programming online. MTV Katsomo’s 100,000th video was streamed in 2011, and a staggering 100 million downloads were recorded on MTV Katsomo in 2012. MTV’s programmes are being accessed via increasingly diverse devices, and mobile users in particular are currently a rapidly growing audience.

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