Peyton Place and Lauantaitanssit

The beginning of the ’70s brought excitement and emotion to Finnish television viewers when MTV began to show the American soap opera Peyton Place, after the Finnish Broadcasting Company dropped it from its repertoire. The series became an instant hit among MTV viewers to this day and remains close to the heart of those who watched it in the ’70s. It was aired on MTV until 1974.

Other classic American TV series also found their way onto Finnish screens in the form of the crime drama series Charlie’s Angels, as well as The Love Boat, with its luxurious setting that created ideal conditions for romantic adventures and satisfied viewers’ yearning for faraway places and romance. Among the many programmes that appealed to the whole family were The Muppet Show and the comedy series Happy Days, which depicted life in 1950s America.

The most successful Finnish shows of the decade included Havukka-ahon ajattelija and the Saturday night show Iltalintu-show, which was among Ritva Valkama’s first television appearances on MTV. Music played an important part in many of the most popular programmes: the Kivikasvot-Show gathered a huge audience, as did Syksyn Sävel and Lauantaitanssit, which was hosted by Heikki Hietamies.

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