News, entertainment and quiz shows

The ’80s were the golden era of entertainment and quiz shows. Pertti “Pertsa” Reponen produced numerous popular entertainment shows for MTV, including Soitinmenot, Valehtelijoiden klubi and Älywapaa palokunta.

Kymppitonni, hosted by Riitta Väisänen, and the pioneering dating show Napakymppi also became firm favourites among Finnish viewers. In Napakymppi, which was based on the American programme The Dating Game and hosted by Kari Salmelainen, viewers awaited with bated breath to see what kind of a partner that week’s bachelor or bachelorette would choose. The first Seinäjoki tango festival Tangomarkkinat was also held in the 1980s and shown on television.

Among the most important foreign shows in the ’80s were the soap operas Dallas and Dynasty, which both depicted the lives of families that had become rich through the oil business. The standard of living was rising rapidly, with yuppie culture and all things superficial also increasing in popularity. There was no shortage of flashy cars when Knight Rider and the duo of undercover detectives in Miami Vice burst onto our TV screens.

The launch of MTV’s own news broadcasts in the 1980s was an important milestone in Finland’s television history. After a lot of debate over whether a young, commercial television company could begin to broadcast its own news, MTV’s first evening news show Kymmenen Uutiset finally aired in September 1981. Huomenta Suomi, the first morning news show in the Nordic countries, was also launched in the 1980s.

Since then, MTV’s news anchors have established themselves as approachable and reliable reporters of current affairs. Today, MTV produces news for the website, the Radio Nova radio station and the MTV3 television channel. From the humble beginnings of one news broadcast per evening, MTV has grown into a 24-hour multimedia news broadcaster.

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