MTV’s autumn 2019 is a feast of Finnish entertainment and drama

Hey advertiser, spend the autumn in the best company! MTV’s autumn 2019 is a dizzying cocktail of entertainment and drama. Read more about the autumn’s programmes and ensure your visibility in MTV’s television and digital channels!


Huuma (Saturday Night Takeaway)

MTV3, mtv VOD service

Surprises, pranks, stars, and music performances. The autumn’s most surprising show begins when Britain’s biggest entertainment show arrives in Finland. Huuma is a dizzyingly fast-paced and addicting family show where anything can happen to anyone and anywhere. Roope Salminen, Ernest Lawson and Jenni Kokander and their mini versions host this spectacular show.

Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa (Strictly Come Dancing)

MTV3, mtv VOD service

Entertainment larger than life and the magic of dance take the screen once again, when famous people let dance lead them in Finland’s most dazzling entertainment show. Vappu Pimiä, Mikko Leppilampi and Tuija Pehkonen continue hosting in the twelfth season of Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa. The jury evaluating the dance performances comprises the familiar Helena Ahti-Hallberg, Jukka Haapalainen and Jorma Uotinen.

Luokkajuhlat (Klassfesten, “Class Party”)

MTV3, mtv VOD service

Luokkajuhlat is a show where the nation’s favourite actors, musicians, athletes and entertainment stars reminisce about their terribly wonderful days at school with their old school friends. At the end of the evening, one class is awarded a fun class party. In Sweden, the Klassfesten show has been a success. Multiple seasons of it have been broadcast on TV4 and it has quickly become super popular and beloved by viewers. Marja Hintikka will guide these famous personas to recall their school memories.

Tuttu Juttu Show

MTV3, mtv VOD service

The warm Tuttu Juttu Show uncovers how well people living in a relationship really know their partner. This benign relationship quiz show was known to Finns in 1992-2002 when 393 episodes of the show were produced. Timo Koivusalo and Susanna Laine host this quiz game.

Fort Boyard Suomi (Fort Boyard)

MTV3, mtv VOD service

It’s once again time to hold your breath when 18 celebrities travel to the Fort Boyard fortress in France. Contestants will test their mental and physical limits when the team’s win demands completing the wildest and most peculiar tasks. Ile Uusivuori and Joanna Kuvaja host the show.


Rantabaari (“The Beach Bar”)

Sub, mtv VOD service

Finland’s most popular daily drama Salatut elämät (“Secret Lives”) gets a hot and summery sibling series when the new drama Rantabaari begins in the autumn on Sub. The drama is broadcast three times a week in primetime and it focuses on young adults’ complicated relationships and Helsinki’s summer with all of its temptations.

The forever favourite Salatut elämät continues in the autumn with new episodes and plot twists. The characters’ lives can be followed via C More, MTV3 channel and mtv VOD service.

Duudsonit: Päällikkö (”The Dudesons: Boss”)

MTV3, mtv VOD service

A new show Duudsonit: Päällikkö is a competition that requires guts, smarts and strength and suits regular Finns who want to challenge themselves. In addition to the 12 contestants, all four Dudesons will participate in the show: Jukka, Jarppi, HP and Jarno. In Päällikkö, we return to western Finland to the Dudesons’ own ranch, where many pranks have begun. It’s no use to plot in this competition, only exceeding your own expectations and having a positive attitude matter.

First Dates Suomi (First Dates)

Sub, mtv VOD service

First Dates has been a huge success around the world, and finally also in Finland we can have a peek what happens on that magical moment when two people meet for the first time and get to know each other. As the love’s master of ceremonies and the butler of this genuine, warm and funny show acts Jorma Uotinen, whose task is to get people arriving to the dates to relax.

Ina <3 Suomi

Sub, mtv VOD service

This six-part documentary programme tackles big themes that relate to us Finns, but especially those that the younger generation contemplates - on a system level. What has to change so that we can keep on loving this country in the future? Journalist Ina Mikkola goes on a journey to explore the rules, customs, beliefs, ideas and people in our country.

Perttu − tehtävä Kiinassa (”Perttu – A Mission in China”)

MTV3, mtv VOD service

Perttu Sirviö, also know for his renovation skills, sets on a new path and travels from the outskirts of Nummela to Canton, China, where the world’s largest import and export fair is held every year. In every episode, Perttu receives an assignment in Finland for China. His task is to find Finns new products that might not yet be available anywhere else in the world.


Viiden jälkeen (“After Five o'clock”)

MTV3, mtv VOD service

Finland’s first early evening current affairs programme Viiden jälkeen starts on channel MTV3 in the autumn. The hosts Baba Lybeck and Joanna Kuvaja lead the analyses of the day’s most important topics and their meaning.

MTV Uutiset LIVE (MTV News Live), mtv VOD service

The aim of MTV’s news content is to meet Finns’ news needs even better, from early in the morning to late in the evening. The news anchor -led MTV Uutiset Live is Finland’s leading digital news channel where events from home and abroad are followed in real time via moving pictures. Also in the autumn MTV Uutiset Live continues to always show people the most important and interesting news topics, regardless of their device.


Ensitreffit alttarilla (Married at First Sight)

AVA, mtv VOD service

In Ensitreffit alttarilla, the most popular and beloved love reality show, we follow three brave couples who meet each other for the first time at the altar when they say ‘I do’ to each other in front of their friends and family. Experts Marianna Stolbow, Elina Tanskanen and, returning to the show, Kari Kanala have chosen the marrying partners, but only everyday life and shared life show whether they are suited for one another.

Love Island Suomi (Love Island)

mtv VOD service, Sub

Incredibly popular Love Island Suomi returns in autumn 2019 with the much-awaited second season. The show’s first season became last autumn’s mega phenomenon, and the singles looking for love charmed with their genuineness. Shirly Karvinen hosts the show.

Maajussille morsian (Farmer Wants a Wife)

MTV3, mtv VOD service

Can the farmers find love? This autumn the question will keep us on the edge of our seats when the 12th season of Maajussille morsian begins. Also this season’s farmers share the hope to find their life partner – the one and only to share the joys and sorrows of life. Vappu Pimiä continues as the host and the farmer’s aide in the search for love.

Yökylässä Maria Veitola (”Maria Veitola: Sleepover”)

MTV3, mtv VOD service

Once again, the media multi-talent Maria Veitola packs an overnight bag and goes to visit famous Finns. In the show familiar Finnish faces open their homes and minds and reveal to their guest and the viewers surprising sides of themselves. The hosts of the fifth season will be announced in autumn.

Koko Suomi leipoo (The Great British Bake Off)

MTV3, mtv VOD service

The popular baking show Koko Suomi leipoo returns with its fifth season! The skilled amateur bakers compete against each other in the challenging baking tasks. Anne Kukkohovi continues as the show’s host. The jury consists of Markus Hurskainen, familiar from the previous seasons, and the new judge, award-winning pastry chef Toni Rantala.

Suomen surkein kuski (Britain’s Worst Driver)

MTV3, mtv VOD service

Once again clutches work overtime and drivers are terrifyingly bad when the forever favourite Suomen surkein kuski returns to channel MTV3 with its sixth season! Eero Ettala hosts the show and familiar judges Jussi Pohjonen, Sari Nuolikoski and Tuomo Nikkola evaluate the drivers’ skills.

Uutisvuoto (Have I Got News For You)

MTV3, mtv VOD service

This claim is true! In the autumn, Uutisvuoto continues to discuss the week’s notable news topics. Finland’s longest-running panel show tackles the news headlines with the guidance of Peter Nyman, Uutisvuoto’s commander in chief.

Kokkisota (Ready Steady Cook)

MTV3, mtv VOD service

The beloved Kokkisota returns to MTV’s autumn with Sikke Sumari at the helm. The Kokkisota kitchens are lead by the familiar favourite chefs Harri Syrjänen, Tommi Tuominen, Serko Rantanen, Kape Aihinen, Teemu Laurell and Linnea Vihonen.

Pitääkö olla huolissaan? (Should I Be Worried?)

MTV3, mtv VOD service

As the autumn grows darker, it is time to talk through Finns’ thrilling worries! Jenni Pääskysaari hosts, and the regular panelists Miika Nousiainen, Tuomas Kyrö and Kari Hotakainen analyse the worries with the weekly changing guests.


Aallonmurtaja (“Breakwater”)

MTV3, mtv VOD service

In the autumn, MTV3 broadcasts the second season of the acclaimed C More original series Aallonmurtaja. The sins of the past have yet to leave the main characters alone and the worst enemies seem to be found in their own family. Crimes lead even deeper into international waters and plot twists weave into an even tighter tangle. The main cast includes Maria Ylipää, who won the Venla prize for her performance, Turkka Mastomäki, Saara Kotkaniemi and Joonas Saartamo. This second season also has new talent Leo Honkonen (e.g. Tuntematon sotilas – The Unknown Soldier).


MTV3, mtv VOD service

Roba’s new, fourth season will be broadcast on Maikkari in the autumn. It has been four years since the events of the previous season. The National Police Board of Finland has increasingly flashy goals: They want to make Finland the EU’s safest and most equal country even though citizens experience insecurity more than ever before. The familiar actors Kari Hietalahti, Leena Pöysti, Riku Nieminen, Aku Hirviniemi, Ilari Johansson, Mari Perankoski and Rauno Ahonen are accompanied by new faces, such as Andrei Alén, Mimosa Willamo, Deogracias Masomi and Linnea Skog.

Rehtori (“The Principal”)

C More

A new C More original series! Rehtori is a sharply funny comedy series about a school head teacher Sari (Terhi Suorlahti, known for Putous – Comedy Combat) and the teachers’ lounge of the school. Sari, being a woman of big visions, has many plans for her school, but the other teachers do not seem to warm up to the eccentric head teacher. The show is written by the witty Anna Brotkin (Aikuiset, Jättekiva, Modernit miehet) and directed by Paula Korva (Hypermarket Nation, Konttori).

Sunnuntailounas (Sunday Lunch)

C More

The second season of the two-time Venla Prize winning Sunnuntailounas starts on the C More streaming service in the summer and will be later shown on MTV’s channels. In this intelligent family comedy series written and directed by Atte Järvinen (Pasila, Itse Valtiaat, etc.) the hilarious family luncheons continue at the table of the family’s father Tauno (Taneli Mäkelä). Other main cast actors are Elena Leeve, Santtu Karvonen, Samuli Niittymäki and Jarkko Laine.

Onnela (Solsidan, “The Sunny Side”)

C More

Onnela’s first two seasons grew to be Finns’ great favourites and in the autumn this continues with the third season. Once again there are hilarious and sometimes even catastrophic plot twists on the horizon as we follow the lives of middle-aged and middle-satisfied people. Onnela is based on the Swedish comedy Solsidan.

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