MTV’s spring 2019 is full of live entertainment, talk shows and drama

MTV’s spring is full of entertainment, captivating talk shows, breathtaking drama, action-packed live broadcasts and world-class reality shows. Get in touch and present your brand in good company on MTV’s channels!


Saturdays at 19:30 on MTV3

The world’s most addictive adventure format debuts in Finland! Under the guidance of the show’s presenter Roope Salminen, eleven ordinary Finns, strangers to one another, leave for Mexico for the adventure of their lives!

During the eventful journey the contestants have to solve problems that require quick thinking, dexterity and nerve. The objective of the contestants is to solve the problems together, thus increasing the amount of prize money to be won by one of them in the end.

One of the participants is a mole, or double agent, whose role is to sabotage the tasks and keep the amount of prize money as small as possible without getting caught.

The other contestants try to find out who among them is throwing a spanner in the works.


Saturdays at 21:00 on MTV3

Finland’s most popular panel show ever makes a comeback: the legendary Uutisvuoto lands on MTV3. The show’s original host Peter Nyman returns to his roots and takes over the command. The team captains are Reetta Räty, an experienced journalist, and Ilkka “Ile” Uusivuori, familiar from a number of TV shows.

The concept of Uutisvuoto remains unchanged, but new kinds of task rounds will be introduced. In each team, the captain will be accompanied by a celebrity guest and the teams will comment on the news headlines of the past week with a comedic and satirical approach. The guests will be people from the top of the political, sports and entertainment world.



Sundays at 20:00 on MTV3

Ratamo  is an action-packed Finnish TV series with Samuli Vauramo playing the role of the protagonist, a SUPO detective. In other roles, Saara Kotkaniemi is NBI Inspector Elina Linden and Jukka Puotila is the Director of SUPO.

The events in Ratamo start when SUPO begins to investigate an extremely sensitive case. Arkady Akulov, a Russian oligarch, extorts confidential information from the Finnish prime minister and the situation quickly gets out of hand. Ultimately, Finland’s national security is at stake. The show is based on Taavi Soininvaara’s Arto Ratamo book series.



Tuesdays at 20:00 on MTV3

Tuomas Kyrö’s Mielensäpahoittaja, or the Grump, has ventured into a new field and has launched a blog, in which he vehemently opposes all changes. But was everything really better in the old days? Should the Grump try out new things?

Yes, he should. Writer Tuomas Kyrö invites the Grump to Helsinki to get a taste of the modern world. Heikki Kinnunen stars as the skeptical old age pensioner.

During his journey, this friend of cross-country skiing and accordion music meets many Finnish celebrities, including rap stars Uniikki and Iso H, top chef Henri Alén, snowboarder Enni Rukajärvi, Minister of Education Sanni Grahn-Laasonen, meteorologist Pekka Pouta, globetrotters Riku and Tunna, vocalist Katri Helena and sports commentator Anssi Kukkonen.

Asian ytimessä, Jaakko Loikkanen

Tuesdays at 22:35 on MTV3

The launch in January of the current affairs show Asian ytimessä, Jaakko Loikkanen on MTV3 starts a new chapter in Finnish talk show journalism.

The show focuses on the past week’s most interesting news and events. On the show, the host Jaakko Loikkanen interviews guests who are experts in the subjects discussed.

Salatut elämät

weekdays at 19:30 on MTV3

The most viewed drama series in Finland, Salatut elämät, celebrates its 20th anniversary on 25 January. This daily series focuses on the lives of people on Pihlajakatu street, where everybody has a secret.

The popularity of the show is based on a fast-paced storyline and themes the viewers can relate to. Among the themes the show has dealt with over the years are substance abuse, theft, cheating, birth and death.

One of the highlights of the show in early 2019 is episode no. 3500 aired on 31 January. Expect exciting and significant turns of events...


Mondays at 21:00 on MTV3

The best experiences and juiciest secrets are shared with friends. What those secrets are, will be revealed in the new relationship quiz show called Suhdesoppa.

Four couples who know each other arrive at the TV studio to answer questions that sometimes result in surprising revelations.

The show is hosted by Vappu Pimiä and HP Parviainen.


Radalla 2

Tuesdays at 21:00 on Sub

The beloved reality show returns with both familiar and new faces.

Radalla 2 depicts the daily work of train crew members and shows us how trains and passengers are safely taken to their destinations under all circumstances. The show includes moving, fun and memorable encounters between passengers and train staff.


Yökylässä Maria Veitola

Thursdays at 21:00 on MTV3

The bags are packed and Maria Veitola is once again ready to spend the night in the guest bed.

The fourth season of the Yökylässä Maria Veitola show will reveal surprising aspects of people familiar to all of us. Discussions will focus on bold choices, million-euro earnings and steroids, among other things. In this season, Maria will visit and interview Aira Samulin, Lauri Markkanen, Kaija Koo, Jorma Uotinen, Tuukka and Olga Temonen, Li Andersson, Pia Lamberg, Anna Puu and Tiina Jylhä.


Stadi vs. Lande

Fridays at 20:00 on MTV3

Stadi vs.Lande is a playful quiz show for the whole family in which city-dwellers and countryfolk test their knowledge. The rural teams answer questions about Helsinki, and the city teams answer questions about the countryside. In addition to fame and glory, the winning team also receives great travel prizes.

Kalle Lamberg and Jaakko Saariluoma continue as hosts.


Tähdet, tähdet

Sundays at 19:30 on MTV3

The most spectacular and entertaining live music shows in Finland will return to MTV’s weekends in spring 2019! The fifth season of Tähdet, tähdet will see several major innovations and put on stage both seasoned veterans of the Finnish music scene, as well as a few rising talents.

Mikko Leppilampi continues to host the show. Maria Veitola and Juhani Merimaa continue as judges, and in this season they will be joined by a new third judge.


Kaappaus keittiössä

Mondays at 20:00 on MTV3

Home cooking has become an art nearing extinction. Families cannot cook any more and do not gather around the table for meals. Chef Kari “Kape” Aihinen continues to campaign for better home cooking by touring Finland and encouraging families to cook together.



Wednesdays at 20:00 on MTV3

Kotoisa focuses on renovation and interior design. On the show, experts revamp people’s homes, gardens and summer houses. In this season, the experts apply their skills to Mikko Leppilampi’s overgrown garden and Ali Jahangiri’s bathroom and utility room, among other projects.

Kotoisa’s team of four professionals is familiar from the previous season. The interior designs are by Seija Strand and skilfully implemented by Ville Heino. Landscape designer Suvi Tuokko-Harmoinen draws up the garden plans, and landscape gardener Niko Lindfors supervises the construction work.


Vappu & Marja Live

Wednesdays at 21:00 on MTV3

Finland’s most illustrious female TV stars join forces in a new, fast-paced talk show called Vappu & Marja Live.

The guests at Vappu Pimiä’s and Marja Hintikka’s show include the most talked about people of the week and the biggest stars in Finland. These two ladies won’t be lost for words when they discuss topical issues on the Wednesday night live broadcast.


Neljän tähden illallinen

Mondays to Thursdays at 20:00 on Sub

Four celebrities on four consecutive nights: it’s the deliciously funny Neljän tähden illallinen.

The four celebrities of the week take turns hosting a dinner party for the other three. The dinner guests rate the host’s performance taking into account the quality of the meal, atmosphere and presentation. The winner is announced on the fourth night. In addition to the dinner guests, the food stylist and author Meri-Tuuli Väntsi comments on each host’s cooking skills.

You’re invited!


Tuesdays at 21:00 on MTV3

Studio is hosted by experienced media professionals Kirsi Alm-Siira and Nina Rahkola, familiar from MTV’s other programs. In this new show, Alm-Siira and Rahkola join forces for the first time to host a current affairs talk show.

Weekly guests include the most interesting personalities in Finland, as well as ordinary people. The show gives the floor to guests who have a story to tell. If a subject is too difficult to talk about, it must be discussed – and that is just what Studio will do.


Pitääkö olla huolissaan?

Wednesdays at 21:00 on MTV3

Why won’t my neighbour say hello to me? Who is Justin Bieber? Did I remember to lock the door and if not, does it matter? Is it okay if I want to go to play bingo with my granny when I’m only 21? Don’t let life’s worries wear you down – let our worry experts help you!

Pitääkö olla huolissaan? is a panel show seriously focused on worries and anxieties. In the sixth season, you will once again see the same old faces, so no reason to worry about that. Jenni Pääskysaari is the same. Kari Hotakainen is the same. Tuomas Kyrö is the same. Miika Nousiainen is the same. When everything is changing, on this show nothing changes except the clothes and the guest panelist. Once, Miika almost changed seats with someone else, but that was soon fixed.


Kenen kotona?

Starts on Tuesday, 5 March at 20:00 on MTV3

Kenen kotona? continues with 12 new episodes. Four strangers visit each other’s homes and try to figure out which home belongs to whom. They only know the names and occupations of the other participants.

Viewers are invited to take part! The occupants of the homes are revealed when all the homes have been visited. There will be surprises both for the contestants and viewers. At the same time, we will have a chance to see how Finns live and borrow the best interior design ideas for our own homes. The show is presented by the lovely Tuija Pehkonen.

Supernanny Suomi

starts on Tuesday, 5 March at 21:00 on AVA

The British hit show Supernanny will make its Finland debut in spring 2019 as a local version. Finland’s own Supernanny is the disarmingly charming psychotherapist Pia Penttala, a child protection expert.

Supernanny will visit homes around Finland, bringing new perspectives and tools for child-rearing. The viewer can expect loud confrontations and touching moments when Supernanny Suomi comes to the rescue of parents who wrestle with the challenges of raising a child.


starts on Thursday, 7 March at 21:00 on Sub

Friends Vilma (Pamela Tola), Seve (Eero Ritala) and Markus (Lauri Tilkanen) share a flat in central Helsinki. At Vilma’s 30th birthday party, the situation gets out of control and the trio ends up in bed together. A couple of weeks later, a pregnancy test shows that Vilma is pregnant by either of the men.

Seve, Markus and Vilma are faced with the stark reality – responsibility for the child could be the thing that breaks up the trio. Their solution? They decide to continue living together and raise the child together.

Aaveiden jäljillä

starts on Thursday, 7 March at 22:00 on Sub

In this chilling new series, the brothers Jupe and Marko Keskitalo lead their team on a search for supernatural phenomena, bringing the paranormal into our living rooms with the help of new technology.

The explorations into the history of the sites of interest are based on the experiences and observations of several people. The investigators focus on sites that are known to have a history which could trigger paranormal phenomena.


starts on Saturday, 16 March at 19:30 on MTV3

Putous has established itself as one of Finland’s favourite entertainment shows. Throughout the autumn, the show remained one of the most popular entertainment shows on TV. During the 10th season, the show was followed by 3.1 million viewers (3,091,000) and was in the autumn the second most popular entertainment program after MTV3’s Tanssii tähtien kanssa (Dancing with the Stars).

Most of the actors will be familiar from Season 10: Roope Salminen, Mikko Penttilä, Terhi Suorlahti, Ernest Lawson, Helmi-Leena Nummela and Christoffer Strandberg will continue to delight us with their sterling performances. Mikko Virtanen makes his first appearance in Putous and Jenni Kokander re-joins the ensemble.



during the spring on MTV3

New year, new tricks, sixth season! For the first time, Posse arrives in spring.

Jarppi Leppälä, HP Parviainen, Viivi Pumpanen, Kalle Lamberg and Jaakko Saariluoma welcome Finland’s most interesting people as guests. Ordinary people are not safe, either, when Posse knocks on the door.



during the spring on MTV3

Gladiaattorit, the popular show from the 1990s, returns to MTV3 with a vengeance, with athletic contestants trying to beat the tougher-than-ever gladiators.

The show is a modernised version of the old familiar hit program, presented by Viivi Pumpanen, with Antero Mertaranta as the commentator. Also appearing in the show is Mika “Mohikaani” Ounaskari, a veteran gladiator from the 1990s show.



during the spring on MTV3

The popular show continues as Perttu Sirviö arrives with his team to help Finnish families with their unfinished home repair projects. As in the first season, the occupants of the homes slave away with the professionals and receive honest feedback and valuable lessons in renovation.

The new season will see master builder Matti Uihero as the right hand man of the taskmaster Perttu Sirviö. Interior designer Riia Lankinen continues to offer expert advice in interior decoration problems.

MTV the most watched commercial TV operator in January

MTV started the year with top results. The viewing rates of MTV’s free-to-air TV channels grew by more than 4% in January compared to January last year. The viewing rate of AVA increased by no less than 18%. On average, every Finn spent 40 minutes a day with MTV’s programs in January.

Source: Adobe Analytics, Finnpanel TV Audience Measurement and comScore TotalTV report, January 2019.

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