MTV’s spring 2020 is bursting with entertainment giants, talk show titans and the most beloved daily favorites

Entertainment giants, everyday favorites, top-notch drama and stellar discussions – MTV’s spring 2020 offers high-quality shows and programs of many genres to suit all tastes. Get to know the program portfolio and contact us for more information about collaboration opportunities!


Dive into the whirl of Finland’s largest entertainment shows in spring 2020! Putous (Comedy Combat), Posse, Talent Suomi and Suurmestari (The Taskmaster) ensure that your laugh muscles will stay as fit as a fiddle throughout the spring!

Putous (Comedy Combat)

starting on Saturday, 18 January, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Putous, the biggest and most beautiful of Finnish entertainment shows, will return to MTV3 channel’s Saturday evenings in early 2020. The 90-minute live broadcasts are packed with prime entertainment for the entire family spiced with Putous classics, such as live skits and the super popular skit character competition with all new catch phrases. This season will also feature completely new sections in the show, new blue trademark shirts and moving to a new stunning studio and set.

Roope Salminen will continue to host the show but there will again be changes to the performers jumping on stage. In addition to Christoffer Strandberg who we all remember from the previous season and Pilvi Hämäläinen who is rejoining the cast, newcomers Antti Tuomas Heikkinen, Linnea Leino, Malla Malmivaara, Heikki Ranta and Mikko Töyssy will guarantee us laughs.


starting on Friday, 24 January, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Posse fuels towards the new season with a boot packed with more entertainment than ever before! Our familiar Posse favorites Jarppi, HP, Kalle, Viivi and Jaska are now joined by Veronica Verho. The show will shift to a new gear when the brand-new Posse GP car race starts. Posse GP will be followed throughout the season. In the competition, assignments fulfilling the quirky Posse requirements have been invented. Ten top drivers must complete the tasks while listening to the pacenotes of the team chief from their headphones. Buckle up and put the pedal to the metal – we’re ready to roll!

Talent Suomi

starting in February, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

The world’s most popular entertainment show will be seen on channel MTV3! We will see jaw-dropping performances and emotional encounters when the star judges of Talent Suomi will seek the most impressive new act in Finland. The stage is open to performers from all walks of life, regardless of age or skill, and the show has made many singers, dancers, magicians and circus artists into public favourites. The esteemed jury evaluating the performances will consist of Jorma Uotinen, Krista Siegfrids, HP Parviainen and Ernest Lawson. The show will be hosted by Mikko Leppilampi.

Suurmestari (The Taskmaster)

in the spring, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Suurmestari is an unexpectedly irregular entertainment show for the entire family. In the show, Suurmestari, a lord of the manor with a knack for comedy, has invited Finnish professional entertainers to stay at his manor and asks them to perform peculiar assignments. The role of Suurmestari will be portrayed by Jaakko Saariluoma, and Pilvi Hämäläinen will be his right hand, judging the antics of the competitors. The show is based on the British format The Taskmaster. The competitors in each episode will be Janne Kataja, Jukka Hildén, Jenni Poikelus and Roni Back.


MTV will continue to invest in Finnish drama productions. The spring season will feature both new, top-notch C More original series as well as beloved daily favorites.

Rehtori (“The Principal”)

starting on Saturday, 18 January, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

C More’s new original series Rehtori will also be seen on the MTV3 channel in January. Anyone who has ever sat behind a desk at school or squirmed in a working community can related to this cuttingly funny comedy written by Anna Brotkin and Paula Korva. The humour of Rehtori derives from delightfully relatable characters and mockumentary style used in an insightful way. The superb cast includes Terhi Suorlahti, Mikko Penttilä, Sara Paasikoski, Pia Andersson, Elmer Bäck, Lotta Lindroos, Kaarina Hazard and Mikko Roiha.

Hotel Swan Helsinki

on C More in February, starting in March on MTV3 and in the mtv AVOD service

The new drama series Hotel Swan Helsinki will join as the latest member of C More’s group of high-quality Finnish dramas. The manager of a luxury hotel that has recently undergone a brand renewal disappears mysteriously right before the opening. Then we find out that the manager is involved in the lives of more than one hotel employee. The Hotel Swan Helsinki series’ actors include Oona Airola who has been awarded a Jussi Award (Finland's premier film industry event), Lauri Tilkanen, Leo Honkonen, Milka Ahlroth, Roope Salminen, Eppu Salminen, Turkka Mastomäki, Meri Nenonen, Usva Kärnä, Elina Saarela, Netta Laurenne, Laura Eklund Nhaga, Jaakko Ohtonen and Konsta Laakso.

Paras vuosi ikinä (“The Best Year Ever”)

starting in the spring, C More

The C More original series tells the story of two thirty-something women who have been beaten up by life. They decide to take a year off and live life to the fullest so that they will have no regrets when they’re old. This means finding the meaning of life and taking part in an orgy.

This comedy series has been created by the awarded top talents of Tuffi Films: writers and directors Jenni Toivoniemi and Kirsikka Saari. The show is directed by Kirsikka Saari and Selma Vilhunen and procuded by Elli Toivoniemi and Venla Hellstedt. The key cast includes Lotta Kaihua, Ella Lahdenmäki, Joonas Kääriäinen, Pyry Nikkilä, Pietu Wikström, Niina Koponen, Sara Soulié, Armi Toivanen, Ernest Lawson and Seela Sella.

Ex-Onnelliset (“Ex-Happy Ones”)

starting in the spring, C More

Ex-Onnelliset continues with new third-season episodes in the spring. The hit series created by Johanna Vuoksenmaa focuses on an architectural innovation, a building for divorced families, and the residents of the building who find themselves in a new situation in life, trying to process their break-ups.

The new season is currently being shot, and the stars of the show include Miia Nuutila, Mikko Nousiainen, Ria Kataja, Anna-Leena Sipilä, Jarkko Pajunen, Saija Lentonen, Essi Hellén, Eero Ritala, Karoliina Blackburn, Outi Mäenpää and Pertti Sveholm. Fresh faces will also join the crew, including Pamela Tola. The third season has been scripted by Minna Koskela.

Onnela (based on Solsidan, “The Sunny Side”)

starting in February, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

On the third season of the comedy series Onnela, we see Antti (Eero Ritala) and Saara (Elena Leeve) expecting their second child and buying a new home to better fit their growing family. In Poutaniemi, the house is known for being a famous “divorce house” – will the divorce curse of that old house also fall on Antti and Saara? Other roles include Anna-Maija Tuokko, Santtu Karvonen, Pirjo Heikkilä and Max Forsman joining the cast as Markus.

Salatut elämät (“Secret Lives”)

starting on Monday, 6 January, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

This year has marked the 20-year anniversary of Salatut elämät, and now the series heads boldly towards a new decade! Finland’s most watched drama series won’t let you down in the spring: there will be plot twists and turns one more exciting than the last and guaranteed Pihlajakatu drama on offer.

Rantabaari (“The Beach Bar”)

starting on Monday, 20 January, C More

The new series Rantabaari has had spectators hooked with its dramatic and bold moves this autumn. How will the business of beach bar Trissa continue, and between whom will the sparks be flying? The series will continue on 20 January in the C More streaming service and it will be seen later on MTV channels.


MTV’s news and current affairs programs and talk shows introduce you to the hottest and most interesting topics of the day with guests also in the spring.

Viiden jälkeen (“After 5 o'clock”)

starting on Tuesday, 7 January, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Viiden jälkeen will dive deep in daily phenomena also in the spring, investigate backgrounds and meet interesting people behind the news. Every day, the show has a guest with an opinion about that day’s issues. Short news pieces and weather information create a rhythm for the discussions. The show is hosted by Baba Lybeck and Joanna Kuvaja.

Uutisaamu (News Morning)

starting on Tuesday, 7 January, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

In the beginning of 2020, Huomenta Suomi (a Finnish infotainment morning show) will be relaunched as Uutisaamu. The key role of Uutisaamu will be appointed to a continuously updating news segment where guests related to current daily events are interviewed by the anchors. In addition, journalists will take to the streets more to meet interesting people and attend topical events.

Vappu & Marja Live

in the spring, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Vappu and Marja Live is back! In this entertaining and current talk show, Vappu Pimiä and Marja Hintikka’s guests include the most talked about people of the week and the brightest stars in Finland. You will certainly not get bored with the eventful broadcasts of the spring as Vappu and Marja also put themselves out there outside the studio in the popular Taksvärkki (=day labor) challenge that continues.

Joonas Nordman Show

in the spring, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

The comical Joonas Nordman Show hosted by Joonas Nordman is one of MTV’s spring novelties. It draws its humour from the key topics and phenomena of the week.

The show is a hilarious mix of Nordman’s character-led humor and a weekly changing roster of star guests. In every episode of the show, Joonas challenges his guests to a genuine and honest discussion about personal topics and the most talked-about subjects of the day.


MTV offers breathers in your busy daily life around the world, at sea, in the city and the countryside, at home and at the summer cottage. Laugh, get inspired, enjoy and relax with MTV’s charming everyday programs also in spring.

Villa Hintikka

starting on Thursday, 9 January, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Villa Hintikka is a summery and emotional new series hosted by Marja Hintikka. In every episode, Marja invites three celebrities to her summer cottage, Villa Hintikka, to enjoy a summer’s day. Alongside summery activities, the guests share their thoughts on love, finding yourself, winning, losing, life and death. Villa Hintikka’s guests include Anna Puu, Kiti Kokkonen, Mikko Von Hertzen, Jani Toivola, Lenita Airisto, Isac Elliot, Kaija Koo, Roni Back, Kasmir, Arno Kotro, Pauli Hanhiniemi, Aki Linnanahde, Sirpa Selänne, YouTuber Mmiisas and Esko Valtaoja, among others.

Kotoisa (“Cozy”)

starting on Tuesday, 28 January, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Kotoisa is an interior design program where both homes and yards are renovated. The change is always a surprise for the person whose home undergoes the transformation, and the end of the show will reveal the reactions to the changes! Interior designer Seija Strand and renovator Ville Heino will continue to transform interiors of all types and styles. Suvi Tuokko-Harmoinen and brothers Tero and Arto Kontio are responsible for remaking the yards.

Siipan saappaissa (“In the Shoes of the Spouse”)

starting in February, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Siipan saappaissa is a new reality format developed in Finland. In the show, couples in different professions are put to the test! They’re in for a complete change of roles where partners have to handle each other’s work, hobbies and responsibilities. The show is hosted by Tuija Pehkonen.

Kaappaus keittiössä (Dinner Disaster)

starting in February, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Top chef Kape Aihinen runs to the rescue and offers his help to families with fundamental issues with cooking, while bringing back the joy of working together to homes and kitchens. Massive food costs, snacking, picky eating, lack of planning and continuous bickering over cooking are issues that Kape will resolve during his three-day visit.

Stadi vs. Lande (City vs. Country)

starting in February, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

The entertaining quiz for the entire family kicks off again! This is a playful quiz show for the whole family in which city-dwellers and countryfolk test their knowledge. The rural teams answer questions about Helsinki, and the city teams answer questions about the countryside. Knowledge is power and LOLling is allowed! In addition to fame and glory, the winning team also receives great travel prizes. Kalle Lamberg and Jaakko Saariluoma will continue as hosts.

Pitääkö olla huolissaan? (Should I Be Worried?)

starting in February, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Should we be worried because Finns have so much to worry about? Has worrying turned into a lifestyle? And if you’re not worried about something – is that something to worry about? Pitääkö olla huolissaan? is a panel show where nothing has changed even though it is the show’s eighth season.

Neljän tähden illallinen (Come Dine with Me)

starting in February, Sub and the mtv AVOD service

Neljän tähden illallinen will return to entertain Sub’s spring! The table is laden with skillfully executed dinners, warm encounters and side-splitting performances. Four celebrities, four consecutive evenings and one winner. In addition to the dinner guests, culinary expert Meri-Tuuli Väntsi will continue to comment on each host’s cooking skills.

Supernanny Finland

starting in February, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Finland’s own Supernanny, the new champion for children Pia Penttala continues to travel across the country. We will meet families where parents are trapped with juggling their several responsibilities and desperately need help for making daily life smoother. The stern but charming Pia opens up new perspectives for the parents and teaches them different ways of doing what is best for the family.

Maajussille morsian ulkomailla (Farmer Wants a Wife Abroad)

in the spring, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

In the sister show of the beloved Maajussille morsian reality, we will meet four people from the countryside looking for love. So far, everything is familiar, but here’s the twist: our farmers live far away from Finland, all around the world! Two of the farmers have a family connection to Finland and two have been impressed by Finland and the Finns.

Menu Finnjävel

starting in the spring, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service

Finnjävel is a restaurant where Finnish traditional cuisine and dishes provide inspiration for fine dining. The restaurant is run by Henri Alén, Tommi Tuominen and Ismo Sipeläinen. Menu Finnjävel describes the process of how the namesake menu of the restaurant was created. Creating a new menu requires travelling to sources of inspiration all around Finland, plenty of taste experiences and selecting just the right ingredients. The strong-willed chefs have their own views of the dishes and their execution, but what they all have in common is passion: to make fine dining inspired by Finnish traditional cuisine.

Maalla, merellä ja lautasella (“On Land, Sea and Plate”)

starting in the spring, MTV3 and mtv AVOD service

Maalla, merellä ja lautasella is MTV3’s new food-related adventure show where two regular chefs and changing celebrity guests compete on who is the best and most innovate cook between Helsinki and Tallinn. The show is hosted by Pipsa Hurmerinta who is also an accredited chef.

Suomen kaunein koti: kesämökit (Home of the Year: Summer Houses)

starting in the spring, MTV3 and the mtv AVOD service


Finns love their cottages and spending their summer holidays at the cottage – each in their own way. But who has the most beautiful summer cottage in Finland? This will be found out as Suomen kaunein koti will be looking for the most beautiful summer cottage this season.

The judges of the show will feature living professionals familiar from the previous season: journalist Hanna Sumari, interior design architect Tero Pennanen and architect Sini Rainio.

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