MTV’s autumn 2018 is chock full of live entertainment and drama

MTV’s autumn 2018 is blazing with live entertainment and drama. The autumn programs include several live shows on weekends, Finnish scripted drama and comedy, and entertainment for the entire family. Check out our programs and fall in love with the autumn!

Fort Boyard Suomi

August, MTV3

The world’s most epic game show, Fort Boyard, gathers 18 celebrities on a fort built by Napoleon on the west coast of France to compete for command of the fort. In the cells of Fort Boyard and outside its walls, the contestants will need to stretch their physical limits to the max.

The 10-episode program has six teams with three members competing in turn against one another. In the end, one team wins the command of the entire fort and a prize of thousands of euros. The show is hosted by Joanna Kuvaja and Ilkka Uusivuori, and team participants will include Janni Hussi, Sami Uotila, Mikko Parikka, Shirly Karvinen and Teemu Packalén.


August, MTV3

The international hit format, The Chase, is finally arriving in Finland! `Jahti´ (The Chase) is a new, fun and exciting quiz show with a team of three members trying to outsmart one genius, the chaser, and pocket all the winnings for themselves.

The members of the team do not know each other, but together they will try to combine their varying areas of expertise and snatch the prize money. The chaser chases the contestants and tries to use his or her superior knowledge to catch the team.

The `Jahti´ show is hosted by Mikko Leppilampi.  

Maajussille morsian

August, MTV3

On the eleventh season of the `Maajussille morsian´ show, dairy farmers make a showing: four of the eight farmers looking for brides are dairy farmers. The group also includes a vegetable farmer and a race horse breeder.

Yet again, they all share one thing: a longing for love. The bold farmers embark on an adventure to find The One to share their lives with.

The host, Vappu Pimiä, continues on Cupid’s mission for this season.


August, MTV3

The `Rakettitiedettä?´ show (‘Rocket science?’) is hosted by Ernest Lawson, and it is full of science and sad sacks. The wildest, goofiest and craziest stunts of internet videos with their scientific facts now all in one single exciting package!

In addition to the excitement and laughter caused by madcap videos, the `Rakettitiedettä?´ show also tells you how these stunts could actually be pulled off with a little help from science.

Salatut elämät

August, MTV3

A hard price will be paid on Pihlajakatu Street for unfaithfulness and lies. The Grim Reaper will once again visit the street and the unpredictability of life will make even the worst marriage-avoiding cynic put a ring on their finger. A familiar tough face will appear from the other side of oblivion. He will demand that the truth be told, which has never been an important value in the reality of Pihlajakatu.

Three online series will also be released in the autumn in the MTV Katsomo online service.

Enbuske, Veitola & Salminen

August, MTV3

Enbuske, Veitola & Salminen will return to MTV3 with its sixth season! Talk show hosts Tuomas Enbuske, Maria Veitola and Roope Salminen invite the most controversial and talked about guests to the show. This show asks all the questions that nobody else dares to ask.

Pitääkö olla huolissaan

August, MTV3

The `Pitääkö olla huolissaan´ show (‘Do we need to be worried?’) is a popular show with panelists where host Jenni Pääskysaari sits in the middle accompanied by Kari Hotakainen, Tuomas Kyrö and Miika Nousiainen on both sides of her.

The program’s feedback box fills with thousands and thousands of causes of worry, with themes ranging from the person walking like an elephant in the upstairs apartment to the man with the coal rake downstairs. In comparison to a nature panelist show on the radio, this show does not provide very detailed answers, but a few useful ideas have been known to be heard during the years. Each week a known private or public figure will join the panel to contribute his or her view on matters.

Tanssii tähtien kanssa & Tuija tähtien kanssa

September, MTV3

For 10 seasons, viewers have been charmed by this mega show in TV entertainment (‘Dancing with the Stars’) with 10 celebrities who allow their personality and talent to shine through and throw themselves into the dance numbers for the people of Finland to admire.

Vappu Pimiä and Mikko Leppilampi host the show, and also support the dancers throughout the season. The seats with the best view are occupied by the judges: the quick-witted Helena Ahti-Hallberg, Jukka Haapalainen and Jorma Uotinen.

`Tuija tähtien kanssa´ is an extra show on the theme, hosted by Tuija Pehkonen. The show reveals to the audience how the days of the star dance pupils revolve around rehearsals and live shows.

Love Island Suomi

September, Sub


We are in for some romance, drama, entangled relationships, big emotions and quick twists when the reality show giant, Love Island Suomi, lands on Sub channel hosted by Shirly Karvinen!

Under the scorching Spanish sun, in a luxurious villa, a group of single people will have the chance to enjoy a unique autumn trying to find love and a partner. Anything can happen at any time in the hottest reality show and biggest phenomenon of the autumn, and the best thing is that viewers are able to significantly influence these titillating events and sudden turns by using an app. `Love Island Suomi´ will climax in a finale where the winning couple can win an amazing prize of 25,000 euros!


September, MTV3


In the `Diili´ show (‘The Apprentice’), Hjallis Harkimo will seek to hire a marketing director for his company organizing eSports events. The eSports branch is the fastest growing sports business field in the world, and it will establish itself along the more traditional sports. During the ten episodes, the candidates can portray their skills in a variety of tasks, and they will participate in the most demanding job interview of their lives. Joel Harkimo and Riia Martinoja will act as consultants.


September, MTV3

Hold on to your wasabi and flour cannons, as `Posse´ is back on screen again with its hit hullabaloo action! This entertainment package fires in all directions and has not forgotten about its classic candid cameras, its games and its rallies, but for this season, we also have completely new, incomprehensibly crazy and energetic program numbers in store for us! And the best thing is: the viewers are included in the limelight!

In short: give your brains a well-deserved break, gather your friends and family together and tune in to the `Posse´ show! This season, we have Viivi Pumpanen, Jarppi Leppälä, H-P Parviainen, Jaakko Saariluoma, Herba and Lakko joining us again as co-hosts, and we also have a new Posse member, Kalle Lamberg!

Duudsonit tuli taloon

September, MTV3


The Duudsonit show (‘Dudesons’) has captured the hearts of the Finns for three seasons already, and now they are making a comeback with a focus on Finnish families. The Dudesons, Jarppi Leppälä, HP Parviainen and Jarno Laasala, start on a tour of the country and set out to tackle the everyday problems of ordinary Finnish families. The Dudesons stay with each family for two days, take the reins in the house and use their tactics to shake up the family into dealing with their issues. However, the Dudesons have their very own set of problem-solving methods: they believe in positive anarchy where nothing is impossible!

Ensitreffit alttarilla

September, AVA


The `Ensitreffit alttarilla´ show creates love, and also coaches the viewers in the secrets of relationships for the fifth season now. This season, we are having a new expert join the show, as relationship trainer Marianna Stolbow joins sexual therapist and logotherapist Elina Tanskanen, and Psychologist Tony Dunderfelt.

The relationship experts will form three couples suited for each other. The participants will meet each other at the altar for the first time as they are saying “I do.”

The `Ensitreffit alttarilla´ show will follow the couples’ wedding, their honeymoon, moving in together, and daily life for six weeks. In the last episode of the series, the couples will share whether they wish to continue their marriage or file for divorce. 

Viettele vaatteilla

September, AVA


`Viettele vaatteilla´ is the trendiest dating show of the autumn season. Three date candidates will face a challenge where their shopping skills are measured based on speed and sense of style.

An impatient Single Person X will be waiting in the showroom to select the outfit he or she finds most pleasing of the ones acquired by the three date candidates. The candidate who has picked the most pleasing clothes will be awarded a date with the mysterious Single Person X. Will the couple’s chemistry be a match in things other than style? Will the couple make a decision to go on a second date? The show will be hosted by Shirly Karvinen. The program is based on the British format called Dress To Impress. 

Ota rahat ja juokse

September, MTV3


The exciting series will continue! In each episode, two contestants will have the task of hiding a briefcase which contains 10,000 euros. The contestants will only have one hour to hide the briefcase, after which they will be detained on suspicion of committing a crime, and experienced professional detectives will start looking for the hidden briefcase. The detectives will have two days to find the missing briefcase. Who will lose their nerve first and who will be set free with 10,000 euros in their pocket? The series will be hosted by Eero Ettala


Autumn, MTV3


The `Putous´ show will celebrate its 10-year anniversary this autumn! The anniversary will be celebrated by arranging a real party with plenty of excitement and laughter. We have more surprises and sparkle in store for everyone.

The super popular live show will be hosted by Roope Salminen, but we will need to wait a while longer to learn who the new actors for the season are. We will see both loved old-timers and fresh new super talents among the participants. Throw the confetti!

Heikelä syndrooma

Autumn, MTV3


The `Heikelä Syndrooma´ show is a current events talk show aired every week. It provides a ruthless analysis of the most important news headlines, scandals and topics of discussion. `Heikelä Syndrooma´ brings together relevant guests to participate in the most intelligent and senseless conversation. The show elements include witty and funny news flashes, a thought-provoking panel discussion and intimate exclusive interviews by Heikelä.

Jussi Heikelä is a radio and television journalist with a long career, and he is also a serial entrepreneur. He is irritated by cynics, those who take offense at everything, those who know it all and those who are almost professionals at getting shocked. Heikelä’s wish is to host a discussion with his guests and always allow the best argument to win. 

MTV News and current affairs programs

Autumn, MTV3


MTV is Finland’s largest commercial news medium. Good quality news content clearly has its time and place in the daily life of Finns, because more than a million TV viewers watch the MTV3 news broadcasts every day. During the week, the news, weather and sports broadcasts, such as Seitsemän uutiset and Kymmenen uutiset, Sää, Huomenta Suomi and Tulosruutu reach nearly three million Finns.

In accordance with MTV’s strategy, content can be consumed anywhere anytime. The news is an excellent example of this. We reach all the crucial target groups via our various platforms on TV, online and on social media. On digital platforms, MTV’s news contents reach almost three million Finns every month.


Autumn, MTV3


The immensely popular drama `Ex-Onnelliset´ continues with its second season episodes! This comedy-themed drama series by Johanna Vuoksenmaa tells about the people living in a housing association called Eroasunnot, built for divorced people with children. During the second season, the series focuses on the expanding divorced families with their relationship challenges, and in addition to the previous tenants, we also meet a group of new characters.

The leading roles are played by familiar names from the first season: Miia Nuutila, Mikko Nousiainen, Anna-Maija Sipilä and Jarkko Pajunen. The new divorced couple in the second season is portrayed by Eero Ritala and Karoliina Blackburn.


Autumn, MTV3


`Sunnuntailounas´ is a comedy series about an unusual family with a father who is estranged from his grown children and starts a new tradition of inviting his reluctant offspring to lunch every Sunday.

The scriptwriter and director of the series is Atte Järvinen, who also created the popular series `Pasila´ and `Ihmisten puolue´. The leading roles are played by Elena Leeve, Taneli Mäkelä, Santtu Karvonen, Jarkko Niemi and Samuli Niittymäki

Villien jäljillä

Autumn, MTV3


`Villien jäljillä´ is a series which takes us on the tracks of endangered animal species. Pirjo Heikkilä and Kimmo Ohtonen travel together to the most remote corners of the world to get to know more about the protection of endangered animals and to catch even a glimpse of these rare species.

During the trip, the task proves to be more challenging than expected, and mishaps and even dangerous situations cannot be avoided. The trip route leads them, for example, to see the snow leopard in the Himalayas, to the habitat of the polar bear on the Spitsbergen islands, and to Borneo to witness the shrinking habitat of the orangutans. The program is produced in cooperation with WWF.


In the autumn, C More and MTV3


`Kolmistaan´ is a show about three friends in their thirties: Vilma, her boyfriend Seve and their gay friend Markus who all party hard and live together in Helsinki. On one party night they get carried away and the threesome ends up in bed together. A few weeks later, a pregnancy test reveals that Vilma has become pregnant by one of the two men. The three resolve the tricky situation by deciding to continue living together and raise the baby together.

The leading roles of the series are played by Pamela Tola, Lauri Tilkanen and Eero Ritala. The series will be launched on C More at the end of the summer and on MTV3 in the autumn. 

Ennen kaikki oli paremmin

Autumn, MTV3

Mielensäpahoittaja is a character created by author Tuomas Kyrö. This character is one of the most beloved in Finnish literature: someone who takes offense at nearly everything and keeps saying `I don't like to complain, but...´. But was everything really better in the old days? Or does the modern way of life have its sensible sides after all? In MTV3’s new TV series, author Kyrö invites Mielensäpahoittaja to Helsinki to find out. Mielensäpahoittaja is, of course, portrayed by the legendary Heikki Kinnunen.

In addition to the author Kyrö, Mielensäpahoittaja meets many well-known Finnish people in Helsinki. The sturdy senior with his fur hat goes to meet both national opinion leaders as well as men and women active in cultural and sports issues. 

Suomen kaunein koti

Autumn, MTV3


The fifth season of this very popular program is about to start! Thirty beautiful and varied Finnish homes will open their doors to viewers in this 11-episode series. We get to see unique homes presented by their residents, who show their favorite spots and the best interior decoration details.

The judges, interior decoration journalist Hanna Sumari, interior decoration architect Tero Pennanen, and architect Sini Rainio visit the homes looking for the most beautiful one of all. The winner is chosen by popular vote and the winner is awarded with a prize of 10,000 euros. 


Autumn, MTV3


Kitchens will turn back into battlefields when ´Kokkisota´ returns with new episodes! In addition to top chefs and imaginative dishes, we will have guests representing the autumn’s most talked-about people. The show is hosted by the charming Sikke Sumari. The chefs for the program will be announced during the autumn of 2018. 

Koko Suomi leipoo

Autumn, MTV3


The popular baking program is coming back! During the fourth season, amateur bakers will compete against each other in more and more challenging baking tasks. Pies, cakes, tarts and many other types of baked goods are presented to the expert judge duo for judging. Anne Kukkohovi will host the show, and Mika Parviainen and Markus Hurskainen will act as the judges. 


In the autumn, C More (


The hugely successful comedy series `Onnela´ continues with its second season episodes on C More in autumn 2018. `Onnela´ is based on the Swedish series `Solsidan´, and during the second season, we follow the new family life of Antti and Saara and enjoy the company of the always unpleasant Jorma Kemppainen. The leading roles are played by the six actors Eero Ritala, Elena Leeve, Pekka Strang, Anna-Maija Tuokko, Santtu Karvonen and Pirjo Heikkilä.


In the autumn, C More (


C More has acquired all rights to the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League for 2018–2021. The first match will be on 15 August when the champions of both the leagues meet in the Super Cup in Tallinn, Estonia. A few Champions League games will also be available on MTV’s free channels.

The Champions Hockey League will also continue on C More as will the Ice Hockey World Championships until spring 2023. 



MTV and Formula1® sign an extended follow-up contract – Formula1 broadcasts will continue on C More until at least the end of 2021

MTV and Formula1® sign an extended follow-up contract – Formula1 broadcasts will continue on C More until at least the end of 2021.

MTV Oy and the Formula1® organisation have signed a three-year agreement on the broadcasting rights for the Formula 1 GP series. Advertisers will continue to have the possibility to construct long-term visibility alongside one of the most popular sports phenomenon in Finland.

“MTV has been a close partner of the F1 series all the way from the 1980s. The successor agreement we have now made will be valid until the end of the 2021 season, and it is a very significant agreement, so we are very pleased about it. F1 is the foundation of C More’s offering, and it is a pleasure to further develop both the sport and our offering,” says Jarkko Nordlund, MTV’s CEO.

“It’s great that advertisers will also have the option to reach their customers in the future via MTV’s channels with Formula 1 broadcasts. Formula 1 is effective in reaching male target groups, and the F1 partnership offers long-term visibility for nearly the entire year,” says Marko Multisilta, Product Manager at MTV.

Ian Holmes: “MTV has the ability to provide content in a very comprehensive way”

Ian Holmes, director of media rights for Formula 1®, says that he is very pleased with the three-year successor agreement with MTV.

“MTV is our long-term cooperation partner with the most established position in the Finnish media. MTV is able to offer comprehensive content on different platforms, and their productions are first class. We, for our part, aim to assist with content development in order to attract new viewers for the Formula series – and let’s not forget the existing Finnish fans, who are among the most expert viewers in the world,” Holmes says.

Broadcasts and services are being renewed

C More’s F1® broadcasts and services will be updated next season with the new agreement.

“We will be offering more and also more versatile F1 content than ever before. All the GP weekends will continue to be broadcast live on C More. In addition, we will be bringing plenty of new content for the Finnish consumers, and completely new options for tailoring your F1 experience to your own liking,” says Jarkko Nordlund, MTV’s CEO.

The agreement also includes the live broadcasts of the F2™ and GP3™ series until the end of the 2021 season.

C More has also made an agreement on broadcasting the F1® eSports series starting from the beginning of July 2018 until the end of the year. In addition to the races to be broadcast live, we have the drafting event of the F1® team drivers and some behind-the-scenes material in store for viewers.

On Midsummer Saturday, the French GP will also be broadcast live on MTV3

The ongoing F1® season with its 21 races is one of the longest in history, and the period from June to July will be a challenging one for the teams: starting from Midsummer, there is a six-week period with five GP weekends. The first of these races is the one on Midsummer Sunday which will also be seen on MTV3 at 4:55 pm.


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