Sanoma Media Finland’s Kari Mononen to become MTV’s Commercial Director

MTV has chosen Kari Mononen, Commercial Director of Ilta-Sanomat, as the company’s new Commercial Director. He will start in his new position in March.

Kari Mononen (M.Sc. in Economics), who has made a 17-year career at Sanoma Media Finland, will start at MTV in a situation where the company has strengthened its position as the market leader in commercial television in Finland and streamlined its organisation, distribution channels and advertising solutions to better meet the needs of consumers and customers in the future.

In his new position, Kari Mononen will focus on securing the solution-based services for advertisers and deepening the cooperation with media agencies.

“I’m looking forward to joining a fast-paced working environment with seasoned professionals. I bring with me a wide perspective of the media sector, where I have had the opportunity to witness and take part in the digital transformation of the tabloid press,” Mononen says.

MTV’s CEO Jarkko Nordlund says:

“In our new commercial team, Kari Mononen will more directly serve not only the media agencies, but also our advertiser clients, who compete for the attention of the Finns who no longer are just passive viewers but have transformed into active and informed consumers. Kari is thoroughly familiar with Finnish advertisers and has an excellent track record in implementing the digital change.”

Mononen will start in his new position on 4 March 2019 and at the same time he will also become a member of MTV’s executive board.

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