MTV achieves record audiences this autumn – the most watched channel in all target groups

MTV continues to be the market leader among commercial TV companies. MTV's viewing share has been rising since summer and rose to a record high in week 45.

It reached more than 47 % of the prime-time viewers of commercial channels in its target group of Finns aged between 10 and 54. The difference between MTV and the second biggest commercial operator is clear: Nelonen Media's share has dropped to 33 %.

MTV's channels reach the widest audiences faster than other channels

MTV is the most watched commercial TV company in Finland – not just in terms of viewing times, but MTV's commercial channels also reach the largest number of Finns the fastest.

MTV's commercial channels have reached an average of 2.3 million Finns every day, while Nelonen Media's channels reached 1.85 million (those who viewed at least 5 consecutive minutes).

As measured throughout the year, MTV's viewing share is 42 %, Nelonen Media's 37 % and others 21 % (10-54, prime time).

The most viewed TV shows in Finland are broadcast on MTV channels

Of the most viewed programmes on commercial channels, 27/30 were MTV3 programmes (all broadcasts, 4+ years target group, week 45, overnight figures).*

"Finnish TV content is doing very well at the moment and it is viewed a lot, irrespective of the device it is viewed on. It's important for us to be part of Finnish people’s everyday lives. MTV's performance is very reliable: our news programmes and the Salatut elämät drama series alone reach an average of 1.7 million Finns on weekdays," says Jaana Pasonen, Channel Director at MTV.

MTV3 is Finland's most watched commercial channel in all 15+ target groups and by far the most popular among the 45+ group, which, according to Statistics Finland, accounts for more than 60 % of household consumption.

Posse and Tähdet, tähdet are MTV3's most popular live entertainment programmes this autumn; at their best, they both reach more than 1.2 million viewers per episode.

The number of stream starts on Katsomo is growing

MTV Katsomo's figures have also been steadily growing this autumn. Stream starts are up by 48 %, and there are more than 1.7 million registered users. The three most watched programmes on Finnish online TV services were Katsomo's programmes: the Finnish drama series Salatut elämät, the UK drama series Emmerdale and Ensitreffit alttarilla, the reality TV show based on Married at First Sight.

New Finnish programmes to be launched in the spring

MTV's spring 2018 programming will include, as usual, a number of Finnish programmes. MTV will offer its viewers the most talked-about TV phenomena, the best-loved favourites and new rising stars.

(Source: Finnpanel, TV Audience Measurement, week 45, overnight figures. Prime time=18:00-23:30)

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