More specific instructions for delivery of web advert materials

Here you can find more specific instructions for different web adverts on If you have any questions, please contact

Wallpaper (background image)

Materials should be delivered via mail to

Wallpaper can be repeating or fill the whole screen.

Repeating background
Small image that is repeated on the site's background
Format: JPEG, GIF, PNG
Size: max 50 kb

Large background image
Format: JPEG, GIF, PNG
Dimensions: 1920x1124px
Size: max 100 kb

Large background can be scrolling or fixed. Scrolling wallpapers will remain attached to the top of the site's content and move out of the browser's viewport as the user scrolls. If the background is fixed, the wallpaper image will remain visible in the browser viewport regardless of scroll position.

Large background works best if the image subject is large and clear, and the image seems to appear behind the content. When designing your wallpaper, please notice that the content in the middle of the page is 992px wide and will hide the center of the wallpaper.

You can not assume that the visitor has a certain screen size, so to ensure the best result the most important visual cues in the wallpaper should be positioned near the edges of the site's content.

The wallpaper will be horizontally centred, and depending on the visitor's screen size the edges of the wallpaper may be cropped. Approximately 20-25% of the visitors will not see the wallpaper at all due to small screen size. 

If you wish to seamlessly match the image in the banner and wallpaper, please note that there is an “Advertisement” text element at the top of the page that will push banner and content 24 pixels down.

Scrolling wallpaper will start from the bottom of the black top element on the page. If you wish to use the fixed wallpaper it will be positioned to start from the top of the page, with the first 50px being covered by the black top element.

The most fancy results can be achieved with a transparent banner. Remember to mentiontransparency when you send the creative.

The advertiser should define a background color for the site. To achieve the best results on large screens you should ensure that the wallpaper blends seamlessly into the background color.

Wallpapers can also be clickable. If you would like to have a clickable wallpaper in your campaign remember to mention this when you send the materials. Wallpapers cannot be run through third party ad tags. Please note that clicks in banner and wallpaper cannot be counted separately.

For positioning the wallpaper you may use these PSD-templates:

Materials should be delivered via mail to

Material for GIF, JPEG- and FLASH banners should be delivered three (3) working days before the start of the campaign.

Material for rich media, interstitial and expanding banners should be delivered five (5) working days before the start of the campaign.

Material for Katsomo video campaigns should be delivered three (3) working days before the start of the campaign.

Add this information to the email:

  • Name of the customer and campaign
  • Campaign period
  • Creative in display advertising in GIF JPEG HTML SWF or DHTML format
  • Katsomo video creative in mp4 format
  • URL address where the banner and wallpaper should link to
  • Any additional ad-specific instructions

Extra elements and features

Video banner (streaming video)
A video in a banner is not allowed to begin playing automatically. The video can only be run upon user interaction.

A video banner consists of two parts:

  1. the banner loaded on the site (SWF) and
  2. a separately loaded video file (FLV). Other formats than flash videos will not be accepted.

File size limits
Banner: max 40 kB (SWF)
Video: max 500 kB (FLV)

The main focus when creating video banners should be:

  1. to keep the file size as small as possible and
  2. smooth video loading, especially for users with slower connection speeds

Do note that the video file (FLV) must be kept separate from the banner file (SWF)

Backup image
A backup image must be provided for the flash banner. It will be shown for users that do not have the required version of Flash Player, or in case of technical issues.

Accepted formats for the backup image are: GIF, JPG, and PNG

Video playing and pausing / stopping
Automatically playing videos and videos in other formats than Flash are not allowed and will be removed.

Video playback and banner animation is permitted only when

  • the user clicks on the ad


  • the user has hovered their mouse cursor over the banner for at least 0.5 seconds.

The same rule apply for any sounds the advertisement may emit.

The video must

  • have a clear pause/stop button if it was initiated by the user clicking on the banner


  • stop playback as soon as the user stops hovering over the banner, if playback was initiated by hovering.

Additional instructions
Video banners must use progressive loading.

The banner itself (SWF) can not exceed 40kB of data.

The video file (FLV) can only begin loading when the user activates the banner video (by the means stated before). The same rules apply to ads using the “flash-loader”-principle, or other streaming (streaming / direct streaming) solutions.

Under no circumstance may an advertisement emit sound without prior user interaction. The site may already be emitting sound (e.g. through a video or audio player), or the ad may be offscreen (i.e. hard for the user to find and mute), which will cause user dissatisfaction.

Audio playback can only begin when either

  • the user hovers their mouse cursor over the banner for at least 0.5 seconds


  • the user clicks a play / un-mute button contained within the banner(the banner must have a corresponding stop / mute button).

The hover delay is required to prevent audio playback as the user moves their cursor to navigate the site. In the case of playback being initiated through hovering, the sounds must stop / be muted when the user stops hovering the banner.

For questions unanswered, contact

Rich-media & DHTML - Technical specifications

Rich Media/DHTML–solution

  • File size: max. 60 - 80 KB
  • File format: SWF, DHTML

Special features

  • Automatic closing after 10 seconds.

Frequency capping

  • Front page 1
  • Other pages 2-3


  • Allowed within file size limits


  • Allowed within file size limits
  • Maximum duration: 10 seconds
  • Can only be started by user interaction (mouse over, 0.5 second delay), not automatically

Possible placement

  • Front page
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle

Advertisement creative testing

The creatives need to be tested in common browsers, including - but not limited to - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

If the ad is served through a tag, it will be allowed to be shown only on browsers and platforms that it has been tested on.

Creatives not filling the requirements
If the creatives:

  • are sent in late
  • do not meet the creative guideline requirements
  • contain questionable content
  • do not work technically

we can not guarantee the campaign will start on the requested date/time.

The Ad is not allowed to be mistaken for the general media content on the site. If there is a possibility for this, the Ad will need to have a text "Mainos" ('advertisement', text size 16 pt) visible at all times in the top left hand corner. This does not concern sites which have the said text notification already included by the HTML-code.

All rights for removing advertisements not filling the given rules are withheld by MTV. The advertisement will be restored when the advertiser has fixed it according to the given rules.

For questions unanswered, contact

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