Delivery of Materials

Here you can find the delivery instructions and schedules for TV, display and video advertising.

MTV Television channels

Contact information

MTV Traffic

  • tel: +358 10 300 300
  • email:

Please notice the exceptions in the material delivery schedules.

Delivery of commercials

Commercials must be delivered via Spotgate by 15.00 on weekdays, allowing one working day between delivery day and presentation day. Please check exceptions in the material delivery schedules because of holidays etc. MTV Oy accepts no liability for any error in transmission, if the commercial is not delivered on time.

Information on Spotgate


Aspect ratio 16:9 (anamorfic)

Commercials must be delivered in the right mpeg2 file format. Finnish post production houses digitize tapes and deliver via Spotgate for a fee.

Delivery of presentation instructions

Presentation instructions should always be supplied electronically or in writing and contain the number of the advertisement or the SpotgateID. Presentation instructions must be delivered to MTV Oy, Traffic, allowing one working day between delivery day and presentation day. Please check for any irregular delivery schedules because of holidays etc. MTV Oy accepts no liability for any error in transmission if presentation instructions are not delivered on time.

Broadcast errors

If a broadcast error for which MTV Oy is responsible occurs, separate agreement will be reached on the method and amount of compensation. Compensation will not exceed corresponding advertising time or the non-billing of charges for the spot that has been broadcast improperly. Remarks concerning a broadcast spot must be made in writing within 8 days of the date on which the spot is broadcast.

Broadcast rights and discharge from liability

The advertiser is responsible for obtaining ownership and/or user rights for commercials along with the necessary copyright, patent and other such rights. The advertiser is responsible for the rights of the commercials so that they can be broadcast by MTV Oy to different types of receivers as part of simultaneous and unaltered TV broadcasts, using different transmission techniques. MTV Oy retains the right to change the times when a commercial is shown or to interrupt a campaign if special reasons require, without any obligation to provide compensation.

After a commercial has been broadcast for the first time, MTV Oy is entitled to use the commercial for demonstration, training and research purposes unless the advertiser forbids this in writing.

Content of TV commercials

The advertiser is responsible for the content of commercials. Commercials must comply with laws, statutes, the International Code of Advertising, and the regulations set by the Consumer Ombudsman and other officials.

Commercials for medicinal products must be submitted to the Inspection Board for the Marketing of Medicinal Products for review. MTV Oy is not liable for any costs incurred as a result of a commercial not complying with official regulations. MTV Oy reserves the right to postpone the broadcasting of a commercial or to cancel bookings, should reasons relating to the content so require, without any liability to provide compensation.

For more information, plese contact: Pauli Jäämies, tel. +358 10 300 6022,

Products and services that may not be advertised:

  • tobacco products
  • pharmaceuticals or medical treatments available only with prescription
  • alcohol (over 22 %)

Products and services that have restrictions for advertising

  • commercials harmful to children (constraints concerning the time of the day 21:00/23:00)
  • alcohol (under 22 %), allowed after 21:00
  • adult entertainment
  • gambling

Sponsorship Instructions


Display advertising in

Material is delivered via e-mail to

  • Completed material for GIF, JPEG and HTML5 banners must be submitted three (3) business days before the launch of the campaign.
  • Completed material for special solutions (like rich media, expanding banners) must be submitted five (5) business days before the launch of the campaign.
  • Completed material for Katsomo video advertising must be submitted three (3) business days before the launch of the campaign.

Include the following info in your e-mail:

  • name of customer and campaign
  • campaign period
  • material for display advertising in GIF, JPEG, HTML5 or DHTML format.
  • File format for Katsomo video ads: MP4 or MOV (H.264). The ad can also be delivered via the Spotgate service.
  • URL to which the banner is linked
  • any necessary ad-specific instructions

Ad placement and reporting

The campaign will launch at 00:01 on the first day of the media period if the advertising material has been submitted to MTV Oy in accordance with the material delivery requirements and to delivery schedule. If the campaign material is not submitted in accordance with the instructions and schedules determined in the material delivery requirements, MTV Oy shall not be liable to compensate for any delay in the campaign launch. A campaign report will be supplied to the client once the campaign ends.

Faulty material

If the material is not submitted to our technical specifications or if some data related to the material is missing, we will primarily return the material to the submitter. MTV Oy is not responsible for possible delays in material processing and campaign launches that are caused by faults in the material. Additional work agreed to separately to rectify the technical inoperability of materials is subject to billing at an hourly rate of €72 + VAT. The minimum billing period is one hour.

Products and services that cannot be advertised (, MTV Katsomo)

  • tobacco products
  • pharmaceuticals or medical treatments available only with prescription
  • alcohol (more than 22% ABV)
  • gambling

Products and services with advertising restrictions

  • Content harmful to children (time of day restrictions)
  • alcohol (less than 22% ABV)
  • adult entertainment services, chat and dating phone lines, etc.

Technical requirements for HTML5 creative

Size and Format
The HTML5 creative should be delivered as a compressed file bundle (.zip). The bundle's size must not exceed the limits specified on the ad format.

Creative Structure
A creative may use a folder hierarchy to allow resources such
as stylesheets and images to live in separate folders.

There must be at least one file with a .html extension in the bundle's
root level (typically index.html). If you wish to remove the user
agent's default body margin you can do so in the HTML file.

Landing Page URLs
Landing page URLs in the creative should start with http:// or https://, and open in a new browser tab/window when clicked. 

<a href="" target="_blank">...</a>
<span onclick="'', '_blank')">...</span>

The URLs will automatically be replaced with their corresponding click-tracking URL. Make sure to follow the example(s) above to ensure that the replacement logic doesn't fail.

Avoid using iframes in your creatives, as this may cause click-tracking to fail. If you're creating links via JavaScript, make sure that all the links are in the document when the creative is fully loaded (i.e. before the parent iframe's 'onload' event triggers, or before
'compositionReady' for content created in Adobe Edge).

If you wish to use your own click-tracking URL, simply replace the landing page URL with the corresponding click-tracking URL.


MTV Video advertising (Katsomo,, MTV video network)

(Updated 13.3.2017)

We recommend submitting materials for MTV Katsomo via the Spotgate service (

Materials can also be submitted on the uploading service or via e-mail to the address

Completed materials for video advertising as well as the URL to be used in the ad must be submitted three (3) business days prior to the campaign launch.

Technical specifications for materials (MTV Katsomo's in-stream and's in-page):

  • Video size: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 25 images per second
  • Stereo audio 44.1 kHz or 48kHz
  • Audio loudness: in accordance with EBU R128 standard -23 LUFS
  • Video bitrate: 8000 – 16 000 kbps
  • Audio bitrate: 384 kbps

VAST ad calls

The material can also be submitted as a VAST. When the buyer supplies a VAST script or the campaign is purchased via the programmatic, the buyer must ensure that:

  • Tag must deliver MP4 file only - other file formats must be turned off
  • Recommended size: 1024x576 pixels
  • Maximum bitrates: applications 1500 kbps, desktop 2000 kbps
  • Tags must be SSL (https) compatible
  • The audio level must be -23 LUFS
  • Tag doesn't include VPAID-creatives

 Pause ad

  • File format: .png .jpg
  • Dimensions: 1280x720
  • Max size: 100 kt
  • There will be overlay with close button (on right top corner) and play button (on the bottom left corner)
  • One target url per ad

 Include the following info in your e-mail:

  • possible SG number, video file in MP4 / MOV format or VAST call
  • name of client and campaign
  • campaign period
  • any necessary ad-specific instructions
  • possible target-page URL address. One target-page URL address / ad.

Practical matters concerning campaigns and invoicing (,, MTV Katsomo), please contact:


MTV Teletext

Advertising material must be sent by e-mail to:

Technical information

The colours available are white, blue, red, yellow, green, cyan, magenta and black. Letters: 1 and 2 rows upper case and lower case (see Teletext page 580).


Text 23 rows of 40 characters, graphics 69 x 78 points. There can be a maximum of 99 sub-pages for one main page.

Deadlines for materials

Ready material must be delivered 4 working days before the day the advert appears. If so required we can plan the pages in conjunction with the customer’s advertising agency. In this case the material should be delivered no later than 7 working days before the start of the campaign.

Further information:

Tuire Tiensuu, tel. +358 40 748 1329

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