Terms of sale 2019, MTV Oy's TV Channels

MTV Oy reserves the right to amend its prices. Price changes resulting from legislation or the actions of authorities will also apply to bookings for advertising time and space already made.

When ordering advertising time or space, advertiser must inform the name of the product or service to be advertised as well. A client who has purchased advertising time or space may not sell the slot to a third party. The liability of MTV Oy is limited to the cost of the purchased campaign.

Advertising time is sold impartially to all advertisers, advertising and media agencies and other organisations for named clients and products, who agree to comply with the general principles and legal requirements for TV advertising and with MTV Oy's terms of sale.

MTV Oy reserves the right to limit the advertising of pre-defined business sectors in certain content entities.

MTV Oy reserves the right to postpone advertising or to cancel bookings made for advertising time, should specific reasons so require, without any liability to pay compensation. The client will be informed about this without delay, and at the same time, MTV Oy will try to provide a new transmission time corresponding to the previous one.

MTV Oy reserves the right to limit the amount of contacts sold to a single campaign should the advertising capacity of the channel so require.


Campaign refers to a complete entity of one channel which is booked all at once, and which advertises the same product or service. Separate campaigns from the same advertiser are regarded as a single campaign entity if the break between the campaigns is seven (7) days or less, and if the same advertisement/advertisements and/or target group are used.

 MTV Oy reserves the right to combine the above-mentioned separate campaigns into a single entity, which will receive a contact guarantee in accordance with the terms of sale.

Contact guarantee

Clients are granted a contact guarantee for their campaigns in the commercial break audience. Contact guarantees are given for campaigns channel by channel with the following minimum TRPs/GRPs:







C More Max/Sport/Juniori



The campaign is given a contact guarantee in the target group selected by the client from available target groups in targeted RBS buying.

The guarantee is given for the entire campaign broadcasted on an individual channel. The guarantee for the campaign is derived from the combined sum of individual spots' and/or TRP bookings' contact guarantees. Channel MTV3’s campaign including both nationwide and regional advertising is considered as a single entity, when calculating the contact guarantee.

Shortfalls less than 1 TRP are not compensated. Unless the client specifically forbids, shortfalls more than 1 TRP will be credited by extending the campaign, or in subsequent campaigns.

Contact verification

Contact guarantee is always verified from the final viewer figures of the TV meter survey supplied by Finnpanel Oy.

Broadcast rights and discharge from liability

The advertiser is responsible for obtaining ownership and/or user rights for commercials along with the necessary copyright, patent and other similar rights. The advertiser is responsible for the rights of the commercials so that they can be broadcast by MTV Oy to different types of receivers as part of simultaneous and unaltered TV broadcasts, using different transmission techniques.

MTV Oy retains the right to change the times when a commercial is shown or to interrupt a campaign if special reasons so require, without any obligation to provide compensation.

After a commercial has been broadcast for the first time, MTV Oy is entitled to use the commercial for demonstration, training and research purposes unless the advertiser forbids this in writing.

Content of TV commercials

The advertiser is responsible for the content of commercials. Commercials must comply with laws, statutes, the International Code of Advertising, and the regulations set by the Consumer Ombudsman and other authorities. Commercials for pharmaceutical products must be submitted for preliminary inspection to the Inspection Board of Pharma Industry Finland.

MTV Oy is not liable for any costs incurred as a result of a commercial not complying with official regulations. MTV Oy reserves the right to postpone the broadcasting of a commercial or to cancel a campaign, should reasons relating to the content so require, without any liability to provide compensation.

Confirming a campaign

Confirmation of a campaign should be given in writing or in electronic format (LIVE) by the deadline specified in the offer, otherwise the booking will be cancelled.  The period of validity for a campaign offer is calculated from the first working day following the booking.

Days from booking to campaign launch

Offer valid

20 or more working days

10 working days

10-19 working days

5 working days

5-9 working days                       

3 working days

2-4 working days                       

1 working day

1 working day                                                          

current day


Changing a confirmed campaign

Duration of an advertisement in a confirmed campaign can be changed, if price of the campaign remains at least the same.

Cancellation of a confirmed campaign

In case a client is forced to cancel a confirmed campaign booking, the following cancellation fees, calculated from the net price of the cancelled advertising time, will be charged.

Cancellation prior to broadcast 

Cancellation fee 

More than 30 days

10 %

15-30 days

25 %

7-14 days

50 %

Less than 7 days

75 %


Cancellation fee is calculated based on the first broadcasting day of cancelled advertising time.


Any complaints regarding an advertising campaign or its transmission must be made in writing no later than eight (8) days after the end of the campaign.

The method and amount of compensation for any transmission error caused by MTV Oy will be agreed separately. The maximum compensation for erroneous transmission will be the provision of corresponding airtime free of charge, or not invoicing for the advertisement that was transmitted erroneously.

Cooperation commission

Cooperation commissions are paid to agencies or other parties approved by MTV Oy, who agree to comply with MTV Oy's terms of sale and delivery, and whose creditworthiness has been approved by MTV Oy. The cooperation commission is 12–15 %.

Operational and quality factors affecting the commission:

  • TV research services involved in professional media buying, 1 %
  • Data system cooperation (electronic order traffic) using either LIVE booking system or electronic order data transfer to LIVE system, 1 %
  • Campaign planning, booking and follow-up 1 %

The cooperation commission is 15 %, if party handles all tasks mentioned above.

Invoicing and terms of payment for partners entitled to cooperation commission

The terms of payment are 14 days -1 % or 30 days net from the date of invoice.

Interest on overdue payments is determined according to the latest official percentage for overdue interest. Queries regarding invoices must be made within eight (8) days after the invoice was sent. MTV reserves the right, if the situation so requires, to cancel or postpone a confirmed advertising campaign or a part of it, and to renegotiate the invoicing and payment arrangements.

Direct invoicing discount

Direct invoicing discount is an alternative for cooperation commission. The direct invoicing discount is 12 %, and no other discounts concerning the method of payment are granted.

Calculation of discount


- seasonal index

- possible other discount

- cooperation commission or direct invoicing discount

- client cooperation agreement discount

= net price

+ VAT (currently valid %)

= net price including tax

Self-service compensation

MTV Oy grants self-service compensation to parties that have booked their campaigns through a process that fulfils the criteria for self-service. The compensation is calculated from the client's net volume. The amount of compensation is 0,8 % of the net volume fulfilling the criteria for self-service.

The self-service criteria or the terms for self-service compensation may change during 2019. More information on the self-service compensation can be obtained from mediapalvelu@mtv.fi.

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