Terms of sale 2019, MTV Oy’s online services

Advertising space is sold impartially to all advertisers, advertising and media agencies and to other organisations, for named clients and products, who agree to comply with MTV Oy's terms of sale.

MTV Oy reserves the right to postpone advertising space or to cancel bookings made for advertising space, should specific reasons so require, without any liability to pay compensation. The client will be informed about this without delay, and at the same time, MTV Oy will try to provide a new advertising space corresponding to the previous one.

MTV Oy reserves the right to limit the amount of contacts sold to a single campaign should the advertising capacity so require. MTV Oy also reserves the right not to sell campaigns that cannot be carried out within the desired campaign period.

There are no limitations regarding the visibility of competitors in the same content, nor will this render MTV Oy liable for compensation. Advance information of any competitors’ campaigns running at the same time will not be given to third parties. Advertising on MTV Oy’s online services is sold primarily on the impression (CPM) basis. Other pricing models may also apply.


If a client buys several media elements/products at the same time, each of these will be considered as its own independent campaign. A client can provide a maximum of five (5) different sets of material for one campaign. MTV will take into consideration the client’s wishes regarding emphasis between these material sets, but no impression/time guarantee will be given for the different materials of the campaign. The materials can be changed once during the campaign.

The campaign starts at 00:01 on the first day of the campaign period, if the campaign materials are delivered to MTV Oy according to delivery deadlines and material delivery specifications. If campaign materials are not submitted by the delivery deadlines or according to the instructions, MTV Oy is not liable to compensate for the delay of the campaign launch.

Impression guarantee

MTV Oy grants an impression guarantee for impression-based campaigns. If the campaign does not achieve the number of impressions purchased, the campaign will either be continued until the impressions are reached, the missing impressions will be compensated in the client’s next campaign, or the client will be credited with the missing number of impressions on another MTV's website or websites in the same price category. MTV Oy will not give monetary compensation.

If at the end of the campaign the number of impressions falls short of the target by no more than 3 %, MTV Oy retains the right to extend the campaign automatically on the following day until the number of impressions has been reached.

Campaigns’ impressions, MTV Video Premium 100 % completion rate, inscreen regarding display advertising and Premium Native advertising guarantee on article readers (6+ sec. spent with article) are verified by MTV Oy’s ad management and analytics systems (beginning of 2019, video: Ooyala Pulse, display: Adform PPAS and native: Adobe Analytics).

Collecting data from MTV's online services

In conjunction with the confirmation of the campaign, the client makes a commitment to observe MTV Oy's operational guidelines concerning privacy protection, the Personal Data Act and the collection of data from MTV Oy's online services (GDPR and e-privacy). You can find the Agreement on collection of data from MTV’s websites on mtvuutiset.fi/spotti.

MTV Oy is entitled to interrupt a client's campaign with immediate effect as well as to terminate all contracts between the client and MTV without liability for damages if the client breaches the aforementioned terms and conditions. The client is liable to compensate MTV Oy or the users of its web services in full for any damages caused by failure to comply with these terms and conditions.

Confirming a campaign

Confirmation of a campaign should be given in writing by the last date of validity specified in the offer, otherwise the booking will be cancelled.

Cancellation of a confirmed campaign

If a client cancels a confirmed campaign, the following cancellation fees, calculated from the net price of the cancelled campaign, will be charged. All campaigns with duration over one month have a term of notice of one month.



2-5 days                              

50 %

Less than 2 days                        

100 %



Complaints regarding finished advertising campaign must be made in writing no later than eight (8) days from the end of the campaign.

Cooperation commission

Cooperation commissions are paid to agencies or other parties approved by MTV Oy, who agree to comply with MTV Oy's terms of sale and delivery, and whose creditworthiness has been approved by MTV Oy. The cooperation commission is 12–15 %.

Invoicing and terms of payment

The terms of payment are 14 days -1 % or 30 days net from the date of invoice 

Interest on overdue payments is determined according to the latest official percentage for overdue interest. Queries regarding invoices must be made within eight (8) days after the invoice was sent.

Direct invoicing discount

Direct invoicing discount is an alternative for cooperation commission. The direct invoicing discount is 12 %, and no other discounts concerning the method of payment are granted.

Calculation of discount


- cooperation commission or direct invoicing discount

- client cooperation agreement discount or possible campaign-specific discount

= net price

+ VAT (currently valid %)

= net price including tax


Bonus for simultaneous TV campaign

For clients advertising the same product simultaneously on MTV Oy’s TV channels and online services, MTV grants additional 10 % of impressions for the online campaign. The TV, video and/or display campaigns must have at least one same day of showing. Responsibility of informing MTV about the simultaneous TV campaign lies with the party booking the campaign. This bonus is not granted retrospectively.

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