Native advertising 2019

MTV offers high quality article creation and its distribution in news service. Advertiser’s article on well-known news site increases credibility of content, while article hyperlinks and article SEO improve search engine performance regarding the advertiser’s own site.
​​​​​​​There are two product options for article distribution:
1) guarantee on article readers (6+ sec. spent with article) and
2) CPM pricing.
Article readers can be retargeted in site, and thus increase effectiveness of the campaign.


  • CPR = cost per reader     1,3 € (browser in article 6+ sec.)
  • CPM ROS                             7 €, targeted 8,4 €

Targeting options: Front page, News and weather, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Cars and digital, Makuja (food recipes) and Home


Cooperation commission is granted for CPR campaigning.

For distribution in CPM campaigning, MTV grants both cooperation commission and cooperation agreement discount.

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