Agreement on collection of data from MTV websites

1. Applicability

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, these terms apply to all existing and future agreements and/or campaigns where advertiser, advertising agency, media agency or other advertising service provider, or a party acting on their behalf, (hereafter “Partner”) uses media space offered by MTV or its group companies (hereafter “MTV”) in MTV’s online services.

2. Background and purpose

The privacy and the user experience of the users of MTV’s online services is very valuable to MTV. The purpose of these terms is to guarantee that no data is collected from MTV’s online services, their users or users’ devices without the consent of MTV and/or the user.

3. Compliance with laws and self-regulations

The Partner warrants that it will comply with the currently valid Finnish Personal Data Act, the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications and other applicable legislation. If the Partner uses the visitor’s online behavior as the basis for targeting its campaign, the Partner undertakes to follow Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) European Framework for Online Behavioural Advertising and other corresponding currently valid self-regulations in force, as well as to take necessary technical or other actions in order to comply with the principles.

4. Use of cookies and other corresponding techniques

The Partner or any subcontractor acting on the Partner’s behalf is not allowed, without MTV’s prior written consent, to use cookies or other corresponding techniques which are used with the intention to collect data concerning the online service, its users or the users’ devices from MTV’s online services or to retarget advertising outside MTV’s network. The Partner is, however, allowed to use cookies and other corresponding techniques in order to measure the results of its campaigns (impressions, reach, conversion). Even such data collected from campaigns can never be transferred to third parties, such as ad exchange service providers, or combined with any other information.

5. Handling of personal data

The Partner notes that the handling of personal data of the users of online services or the combination of their personal data with data collected with the help of cookies or other corresponding techniques requires, in addition to the prior written consent of MTV, the explicit consent of the user of online services or other legal grounds for handling.

6. Use of subcontractors

The Partner is responsible for the systems it uses and for the actions of its subcontractors as for its own actions. The Partner undertakes to make sure that its subcontractors are aware of the above mentioned restrictions and obey them.

7. Consequences from the breach of terms

MTV has the right to terminate the campaign in connection with which these terms have been breached, as well as the Partner’s any other ongoing or agreed campaigns in any online services of MTV with immediate effects and to terminate all agreements between the Partner and companies belonging to MTV without liability for damages if the Partner or anyone acting on the Partner’s behalf breaches the above terms. The Partner is liable for direct and indirect damage caused to MTV and/or the users of its online services based on the breach of these terms. 

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